An electric mattress pad is designed to keep you warm all night long. However, you also have the option of selecting a mattress pad that offers both heating and cooling features.

A heated mattress pad will help regulate the temperature of your bed throughout the night, which often prevents waking up too hot or cold. You can also purchase a high-quality cotton or wool cover to place over your heated mattress pad for added warmth and comfort.

Heated blankets are available in many different sizes, materials, shapes and colours, with some models even coming with decorative ruffles on top for style.

What are heated mattress pads made of?
Heated mattress pads are designed to fit on top of your bedsheets. Some heated mattress pads can even double as an extra layer of warmth beneath your sheets if your room is too cold.

A heated mattress pad is usually made of polyester or cotton fabric with an added heating coil that produces heat. The amount of heat depends on the wattage the coils supply, the number of coils used and how many layers are inserted into the pad.

How to Care For a Heated Mattress Pad?

Caring for a heated mattress pad is no different than taking care of any other bedding item. You can wash it using the delicate cycle and warm water in your washing machine. Be sure to read the care label on the mattress pad before placing it in your washing machine, as you may need to use a specific type of soap for this purpose.

How Do They Work? 

A heated mattress pad has many different features. Most heated mattress pads are made of cotton fabric with an electric coil placed inside them that gives them the ability to generate heat.

Most bed-warming pads that are available on the market are designed to be simple to use. Typically, you turn them on before bedtime by simply plugging them into an electrical outlet within reach of your bed. Some models of electric mattress pads have a dial on their base. You can adjust the heat of the electric coil by either increasing or decreasing the number on this dial until it reaches your desired level of warmth. If you want to turn off your electric blanket, simply unplug the cord from the wall.

You can also purchase heated mattress pads powered by batteries if you prefer not to use electricity for heat. Another great feature of these heated mattress pads is that they are machine washable. Therefore, you can easily wash the cover of your bed warming pad in your washing machine at home.

Heated mattress pads and power safety:

Heating coils that are too hot can cause beds to catch fire, which is why you must follow all manufacturer recommendations regarding safety precautions. Heating coils should be placed only on top of your sheets and never beneath them. Also, make sure there are at least 5 inches between the heating coils and any other material such as blankets, sheets or pillows.

When using a heated mattress pad, make sure you do not drape it over the edge of your bed, as this can cause fire as well.
Heating coils should not be run for longer than 8 hours and should be placed on medium speed when initially plugged in until the desired temperature is reached.

It should also be noted that some heated blankets and mattress pads do come with safety features such as automatic shut-off switches and overheating protection that come into play if the heating settings are changed or if there is any kind of accidental tampering with the blanket. Before using your heated blanket or mattress pad, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safety.

Are They Safe?

Most heated blankets and pads are safe to use in a standard home with a 120-volt hookup. These items will be labeled “120-volt” and will typically have a voltage rating somewhere on the label. An electric blanket is considered safe when appropriately used following manufacturer instructions. Always follow instructions posted on the product packaging or instructions from the manufacturer when using your electric blanket.

Are They Worth the Price?

If you’re looking for a little extra comfort from your current bedding, an electric blanket might do the trick. A mantle that offers dual heating and cooling modes can keep you warm during the winter and cool in the summer, giving you a sense of relief no matter what season it is outside.

How Much Electricity Will They Use?

According to, the average American household’s energy bill is about $1,200 per year. If you’re currently using three blankets to keep you warm at night, you could save yourself $150 per year by switching to one electric blanket that uses 800 watts. If your blanket is made of synthetic material, it may also help keep your body cooler during the summer or warmer during the winter. 

Can You Leave a Heated Mattress Pad on All Night?

The short answer is yes; you can leave a heated mattress pad on all night. But if the bed is left on the highest setting for extended periods, electronic devices may overheat and cause a fire in the mattress pad. To prevent this from happening, you should set your heated mattress pad to a lower temperature to avoid overheating. Ensure that you turn off the power when going to bed and unplug it when getting up in the morning.

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A heated mattress pad is an electric blanket that is designed to fit on top of your bedsheets. A heated mattress pad can give you some added comfort while you sleep at night. Just like electric blankets, you can turn on the heat with the flip of a switch so that you can get comfortable before you go to sleep. You can also choose to plug it in before bedtime, and it will be ready for you when you wake up in the morning. The cherry on the top is that they don’t even cost that much, so that things will be light in your pocket.