One minute you’re sleeping peacefully, and the next minute your bed is on fire. What do you do? You quickly pull the mattress pad off and find out it is too late, as the blaze has spread to the wood frame of your bed. If this happens to you, don’t fret. The chances are that you will save your home from a hellish inferno and property loss. But there is a good chance that it will destroy all your personal belongings. The article details how dangerously heated mattress pads can be if they accidentally catch something on fire.

Know That Nothing Is 100% Safe

The information in this article should not scare you, but it is good to know. Heated mattress pads are safe if you do not sleep with them on top of your sheets or blankets. Yet, even these rubber and plastic pads can catch fire if used in the wrong conditions. If this happens to you, make sure that you remove the device from your bed and contact emergency personnel when necessary. Things will be okay in the end, but it is always better to be safe when using any product indoors or outdoors!

It’s not uncommon for people to use heated mattress pads overnight. Some may argue that they cannot sleep without one because the air inside their bed is too cold. But this is rarely the case. For example, you can often keep your bed at a room temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Suppose you must use heated mattress pads to keep you warm. Then make sure that you do not sleep with them on top of your sheets or blankets. When these bedding materials are involved, it is more likely that your mattress pad will catch fire—causing a large fire that requires outside help and equipment to put out.

When using any heating or fire protection device, it’s essential to take precautions and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Unfortunately, not all heated mattress pads are created equal. Suppose you want yours to be safe and keep you warm during the night. Then it would help if you used a quality pad made from 100% polyester or cotton, which has been treated with fire-retardant chemicals. It can cause fire and burns, and even fatalities if you use a cheaper and inferior product on your bed.

How to Avoid Fire Risks

The best way to avoid a fire caused by using a heated mattress pad is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and precautions. Suppose your pad makes strange noises or catches fire. Then stop using it and contact emergency personnel immediately! Most fire departments can put out mattress fires. But there is always a risk that human or property damage may occur. It’s also possible that your children may feel sick by smoke inhalation if they are sleeping next to you. That is why it is essential to keep the device at least one foot away from any flammable bedding materials.

If you accidentally set your pad on fire, make sure that you immediately remove it from the bed and contact the fire department. If possible, let them know that it was not connected to an electrical source or plugged into the wall, even though most heated mattress pads classify as fire safety devices. It can be risky if they catch objects on fire. Yet, this is less common than letting your mattress pad burn down to ashes.

Precautions for Using Heating Mattress Pads

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Heated mattress pads are handy if you want to keep your bed comfortably warm at night or if you want to make sure that your guests are sleeping inside a warm environment. But, there is always a risk of fire when using these types of products. Just make sure that you follow safety precautions and do not sleep with the heating pad underneath you. It only takes one short circuit or malfunction for your bed to go up in flames! Fire safety is essential at all times, but it is imperative when using heating pads in bed.